"Stay far from timid.

Only make moves when your heart's in it,

And live by the phrase: sky is the limit."

- The Notorious B.I.G

Morea Kai Somaoang is a creator; a change seeker; a move maker.  Born and raised on Maui, Morea has spent the majority of her professional career on the island working in event design, production, and management.  She currently works in the hospitality management and is an advocate for decolonizing travel.  She also is a passionate lei maker and owner of House of Haku, a Maui-based floral design company.

Morea received a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, minor in Ethnic Studies, from the University of San Francisco.  Morea's driving forces are her love for Hawai'i and belief in travel as an instrument for cross-cultural connection.



Wedding Reception at Wailea Beach Resort
Tropical Pineapple Centerpieces
Maui Vow Renewal
The Knot Workshop Hawaii 2018
Haku Bar at a Corporate Event
Wedding Design
Floral Design for a Maui Bridal Party
Tablescape Design
Event at Haiku Mill
Haku Bar
Haku Bar
Table Decor Design


Causes to Support


Protect Molokini


Currently, the U.S. Navy is looking to detonate a WWII-era bomb under Molokini, an island 2.5 miles off the coast of Maui that has been a protected marine life sanctuary for 43 years.

Save Wailuku


Wailuku Town has a unique cultural identity shaped by centuries of history and has evolved into a place recognized for its small-town charm, local small businesses, and historic architecture. Recently, a 6-story, 156-room hotel ("Hotel Wailuku") was proposed on the corner of Main and Market streets, within the historic small-town core of Wailuku, and near to residential neighborhoods that local families call home.

Protect Mauna Kea


The Native Hawaiian community is physically preventing equipment for the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) to ascend the mountain of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawai’i. This project, supported by the State of Hawaii against the wishes of its Indigenous people, would require the construction of a telescope that burrows nearly 100 feet into a mountain with utmost cultural significance.

Tropical Leaves

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